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When mold starts to invade your home, dealing with mold removal quickly and safely should be a priority. It can take less than 72 hours for mold to spread throughout your home, which may result in negative health effects to your family, as well as damage to your property.

Our professionals use advanced equipment and experience in mold removal and mold mitigation to determine the water source of your mold problem. 

Business owners facing a mold problem need to act quickly to help ensure the mold doesn’t spread further and cause excessive downtime for their workplace. Our team will work closely with you and the occupants of your building so that the mold removal and mold remediation work can be performed while helping to minimize disruption to your business.

A flood, storm, hurricane, or even a minor plumbing problem can lead to major water damage in your home

Our team will carefully assess the damage to your property and clearly explain the extent of the water damage to your home or business. We will work with your insurance company to help navigate the claims process and coordinate the necessary paperwork, making the experience smoother.

We specialize in water damage with training focused on restoring salvageable items, accelerating drying time while documenting the entire restoration process.

The symptoms and early warning signs of mold toxicity are often confused with other problems. But if you’re experiencing many of these problems, mold may be the cause:

  1. Itchy, Watery Eyes
  2. Headaches
  3. Wheezing Or Asthma Attacks
  4. Frequent Coughing
  5. Hives Or Rashes
  6. Episodes Of Vertigo
  7. Diarrhea, Nausea, And Abdominal Pain
  8. Metallic Tights In Your Mouth
  9. ” Brain Fog” Or Trouble Concentrating
  10. Joint Pain, Aches, Or Muscle Cramps

If your property has experienced a recent water damage event you may be able to claim our services on your property insurance.  Our experienced team can assist you assessing the damage to your property and provide a report for your insurance claim


Our product is safe for all your soft and hard surfaces and will not damage surfaces like other harsh chemicals such as bleach, extending the life of your asset

Liability lawsuits whether it be a guest or your own staff are some of the hardest to defend, taking up a lot of time and valuable resources. Our company will act as an additional layer of protection by using the BEST technology and chemical in the industry that is EPA approved for hospitals yet safe enough for daycares.

Studies have shown that our delivery system is 17 times faster then spraying and wiping. Another way to think about it is it takes 17 man hrs to do to the job that one of our delivery systems can do in an hour with electrostatic technology. Don’t sacrifice the quality of your sanitation services for a quick turnaround.
Its inevitable that cleaning staff will get tired after a long hard day. Too often cleaners have only a short amount of time to complete all their cleaning (and now sanitation) tasks before the next check in. Undoubtably they will forgo sanitizing every surface and may only wipe the high touch surfaces like counter tops and door knobs, yet forgo the underside of the table where little Johnny COVID wiped his hands. Having everything ready for your guests is paramount to guest experience, that includes SANITIZING EVERYTHING! Protect your Guests, Staff, and Industry with REV Sanitation Services!

For large service contracts from Management Companies please call us at (340) 423-MOLD (6653) or message us.

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